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Paid Ad Campaign Management

Let me utilize my experience in paid ads to boost your business!

Paid search ads

Organic listings are the free listings beneath the paid spots in sites like Google. In order to achieve good rankings in the organic listings Google must think that you are one of the most relevant websites on the topic. I can put together a solid game plan to achieve these rankings for you over a period of months.


Paid partner sites

Local listings include sites like Google Places, Bing Places, and Yahoo Local. This is the area in the search results where you see the A-F listings and associated map showing local businesses in your area related to the term you searched. Getting listed in these is not hard. It is where you rank in them that matter and that takes a solid strategy.


Media buys

Paid listings are the “sponsored ads” that you see at the top and sides of organic search results. Just about anyone can pay to have their ads run here. They are billed on a CPC (Cents Per Click) scale and you tend to spend quite a bit per click. Optimized landing pages plays a large role in converting these clicks into paying customers.



The main difference between “organic” and “paid” listings in Google and the other search engines is that one is free and one is not. With a long term search engine marketing strategy one can achieve very good organic rankings for their relevant business terms in Google. Depending on the competition within your industry this can be quite a task to achieve good rankings.

Organic listings:


Paid listings:

Paid listings are self explanatory. You set a max bid that you want to spend per click, select the keywords you would like to target, and a budget. Google will display your ad whenever someone searches your selected term(s) above and on the side of the organic listings. These generally have the “Ad” icon next to them. Paid ads can be great for businesses who are just starting out and want immediate traffic while waiting for their organic search marketing campaigns to take hold. In addition I also suggest paid ads as a supplemental way of bringing even more paying clients to those who want as much business as possible. Together with organic rankings, social media, etc you can dominate the local market.